A Passion for Painting


Debbie Gold is an internationally acclaimed artist with an ability to make colors the fundamental means of all her pictorial effects, to use it to build up mass, to fill and organize space, and to compose the form as a whole.

Debbie’s goal is the nourishment of the emotional self through sheer beauty and the appeal of nature. She paints forms with color, replacing firm outlines and smooth surfaces with patches of color and thick impasto. Gold paints what she sees, stressing freshness of tonal modeling to produce velvety textures, clarity of high key effects, and spontaneity in brush and knife strokes. Debbie paints the essential character of what she sees and has fascination with the momentary quality of illumination.

Debbie Gold’s evocation style is unrivaled in its poetic beauty and reminds us of where we would rather be than where we are.

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